Too many things floating around in my head today to really write anything. Just some observations.

Bama is #1 and Tech is #2. Texas is perched at #3 just waiting for one of them to fall. Good stuff for Longhorn fans.

Decatur ended a brutal football season with so many injuries it looked like a re-run of MASH at times. A tough year for some good people. I’m wondering how the injuries affect basketball and/or baseball for the Eagles this year. Ouch.

The Decatur Eagles ladies cross country team won 1st place at regionals and are headed to Round Rock this weekend for state. The boys missed the trip to state by 3 points.

The Cowboys had another week just like the past 2 or 3 – they didn’t show up to play. Hahaha. It was a bye week, thank goodness.

The thing I kept hearing on the news this weekend is how Obama is going to reverse a bunch of Bush’s Executive Orders. I thought Obama was about changing the way things are done and offering hope, not simply salivating to reverse Bush’s decisions. I realize that will happen but I’d much prefer to hear how he’s going to turn the economy around and actually see a plan laid out instead of hearing that he is going to reverse decisions on abortion and domestic drilling. Where’s the “change” in that? It’s just typically politics and sounds like a little gloating to go along with it.

I hope for hope in our national politics and for the country. I just don’t have high expectations.