CC Sabathia is signing with the Yankees for $140 million or something. I hate to see it. CC proved what a good guy he was when he was traded to the Brewers and brought life to a team on the verge of flaming out and getting them to the playoffs. He pitched on 3 days rest, unheard of for most overpaid pitchers. Rumor was he wanted to play on the Left Coast and he would have looked great in a Dodger uniform playing for Joe Torre but instead, he takes the big dollars (I can’t blame him), and goes to play for the Steinbrenner’s and their overblown egos and wallets.

K-Rod is going to the Mets. That’s good news for the Rangers.

The Rangers aren’t doing much. They traded Gerald Laird for two prospects when all the talk was how they could trade one of their other catchers for a name pitcher. Maybe the rumors weren’t valid but I was underwhelmed by the trade they did make. One of the prospects is a 17 year old out of the Dominican Republic. I’m betting he never throws a pitch in Arlington.

I’m not sure why I’m somewhat disgusted by other pro sports and the money they pay but less so with baseball. It must be my baseball crazy kid who infects me with interest in the sport. Barry Zito makes $20 million a year and was horrible this year.

Did you see Texas beat Villanova last night? It was a great game for a great cause. It was part of the Jimmy V Foundation week and they showed replays of Jim Valvano’s speech at the ’93 ESPYs as he was dying from cancer. I love that speech and enjoy seeing it every year.

God is so good.