I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone. I think working in retail has blinded me to the Christmas spirit buildup and then it’s over in a day (or so). I think we should all have at least 2 weeks off to celebrate Christmas. 🙂

Josh’s baseball coach sent this link to the players and asked them to read it. It’s a great story.

If you didn’t feel good already, this story should help. It’s more than just good sportsmanship, it’s people acting like Christians. Awesome. Kudos to Rick Reilly for putting it on a stage as big as ESPN.

Did anyone catch the news that Mark Texiera (a former Ranger) signed with the Yankees for $180 million over 8 years. Here’s to hoping the Yankees don’t win a World Series for several more years. I like Texiera but it’s obviously about money and I just don’t like that.

Then again, if my kids ever get a shot at that kind of money, I might be inclined to suggest they take it.

The Whataburger Basketball Tournament cranks up next Monday. It’s always a fun day for me.

I hope I can get tickets to the Final Four when it comes to Jerry’s Palace. I think that would be THE ultimate sporting event for me.

I’m a big Josh Hamilton fan. He was awarded the Fort Worth Star Telegram Sportsman of the Year award. When contacted about winning the award and how great it was to be given the honor on Christmas Day, Hamilton acknowledged he was happy to win the award but Christmas was all about celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Savior and any personal awards didn’t come close to celebrating the Christ. Hamilton is constantly using the baseball stage to thank God for pulling him out of the hell he was in.