It’s hard to believe 2008 is just hours away from being gone and 2009 is closing in on me. Time continues to fly and I can do nothing to slow it down. Wow. So many things have happened during 2008 that have shaped me and formed me and pulled me closer to God. I am thankful for all the good and all the bad that have drawn me closer to my Lord. I feel like events in my life this past year have opened my eyes to God in ways I never imagined or understood and for that, I praise Him.

I hope anyone reading this will have a great 2009 and that the new year will bring you closer to God too. My wishes for peace, prosperity and all good things are directed completely towards relationships with God because that is where we will find true peace, true prosperity, true love, true healing.

I celebrated the start of my 44th year last night with my family by eating at Joe T. Garcia’s (my fave) and a night at Bass Hall. It was a good night to be with the people I love sharing good food and a fun time.

My blog is digressing but I’m just hearing that Mike Shanahan was fired by the Denver Broncos. Let me get this straight, Wade Phillips who hasn’t done much gets to keep his job and Shanahan who won Super Bowls loses his. What a topsy-turvy job market.

My last blogged words of this year…

May you find all you need in our Creator and Savior’s love in 2009 and forevermore.