I’ve got to get used to writing 2009 now. It always takes me a few weeks to do it without any mistakes.

I’m always amazed by those people that go jump/dive in a lake while it is freezing and ice is all around them. I don’t get it but it makes good video watching some of them get out.

I got to watch some of my favorite holiday basketball tournament earlier this week. It’s amazing how fast the game is. Maybe it was that way when I was playing high school ball but it just seems like everyone is so much quicker. There are more and more 6’8″ and taller kids every year. Two guys at 6’10” topped the charts this year.

I gave up making resolutions a few years ago but some things that I have been doing are things I hope to keep getting better at. The top two are: (drum roll here — ha ha) 2. keep exercising and 1. keep growing closer to God through good and bad. Fortunately, neither of these are something I’m starting from scratch and both are important to my health albeit in different ways. I want to have a better life while I’m on earth but my greatest focus needs to be preparing for the best life after this earth.

Happy New Year!