It was cold in Decatur, Texas yesterday. My truck still has ice melting off of it this morning so it’s slowly warming up.

How about the Longhorns? Can they redo the Heisman award? They should.

Go Gators!

Sunday I mentioned that In Christ Alone has quickly become one of my favorite songs. I think Amazing Grace will always be my all-time favorite but it’s a battle. Both songs have incredible messages that have begun to touch my heart in new and deeper ways and both express something that I am only now beginning to really understand…how deep God’s love for me goes. I think I have said this before but I have long had a intellectual relationship with God – I understood and acknowledged who He is – but I had resisted a true heart relationship with Him because I still had the desire to solve my problems, to find my way, to take on the mantle of doing the right thing. I am learning that those are all ideas satan wanted me to have so I resisted the incredible mercy and grace God wants to pour out to me. I didn’t have bad intentions when trying to solve my problems and, at times, even thought it was what God wanted from me. I took the approach that He was there but He would want me to be out front doing what I thought He wanted me to do – which led me to making decisions that were often not helping and too decisions that were wrong because satan kept popping up even though I didn’t understand it at the time.

I have heard people talk about listening for God and didn’t get it but I have begun to. I have waited and truly believe I have heard Him. It may be a feeling, it may be a door that opens that is too obvious to pass up, it may be an incredible feeling of peace that comes over me and, quite frankly, is unexplainable but very, very real.

I do know this today better than ever – in Christ alone, my hope if found. My hope to overcome the obstacles of evil today and tomorrow, but even more, my hope for eternity comes from Christ alone. I don’t expect or need the promise of a happier today or tomorrow, only a day that draws me closer to my Savior. He came for me, He died for me, He rose again for me. In Christ alone, my hope is found.