I didn’t cover the Longhorns come-from-behind victory very well yesterday but it was a great game. A bad night for DirecTV to quit working in part of the house so I had to keep myself from yelling at the TV. When OSU scored late in the game, I thought “it’s over” and almost went to bed but then thought I might as well see the end…and what an ending it was.

I know Texas was supposed to run away from them but I think one of the problems with bowl games is having a team like Texas that was so close to playing in a national championship game come in to play the #10 team. Not the #4 team but #10. What’s the motivation? Pride? Give me a break. These kids played with pride all year and because of the ridiculous system used for college football playing a lesser team just isn’t all that exciting. On top of that, take nothing away from Ohio State. They are a good team and had the opportunity to knock of a potential title-contender and the #2 vote getter for the Heisman (another mistake if you ask me).

Until there is a playoff the system will remain highly flawed. No doubt Zero U and Florida should have the opportunity to play for the trophy but they should go through an elimination system with several other schools.

OK, my other thoughts for the day were going on and on so I’m going to give up because you probably don’t want to read that much today. So, here’s a shorter thought that is on my mind today – prayer.

I love being able to go to God with what is on my heart. I’m able to speak directly to God and let it out – whatever “it” is. I’m praying for missionaries who have made a profound impact on my understanding of what it means to serve God. I’m praying for friends I love who are hurting. I’m praying for people I dearly love who need physical healing. I’m praying that God will continue to work on me, to break me and build me back into what He wants me to be. I’m praying for many other things and the fact that THE LORD hears me is awesome. The One who created all listens to me. Words fail me.

I got an email yesterday that showed earth compared with other planets and stars and other galaxies with the idea of how insignificant earth is compared with all God created yet He knows the hair on our heads. I just can’t comprehend it but I believe it. I hope you will too.