I was up extra early today so my thoughts are a mish-mash of mush.

Do you ever go a few days without TV? I typically don’t but it has been semi-forced on me because of an equipment malfunction. I’ve read more and wonder if I should have the problem fixed.

I’m reading the Josh Hamilton book and it’s amazing to hear what he went through and see where he is. I have to agree with his assessment that God had a plan for Josh because it just doesn’t seem humanly possible for him to have accomplished what he has after his level of drug use. He and his wife have incredibly powerful stories about God working in their lives. The book is called Beyond Belief.

I used a bit of the book in my lesson last night. Do you remember the story of Ezekiel 37? It’s a powerful reminder of what our God can do. He can rebuild anything…anything. Regardless of the condition we are in, He can put us back together in the image He designed us for if we will let Him…if we will open ourselves to that relationship with Him.

Josh Hamilton has an Ezekiel 37 story. Other people I know and many I don’t have an Ezekiel 37 story too. God is powerful and I just have to be open to let Him work in me.