For all those people that think Obama winning the Presidency is a historic moment…move over. The Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. Now that’s amazing!

I jest of course. Tomorrow may be the biggest TV watching day ever with Obama being sworn in. I read last night that this will be the most expensive inauguration ever (something like $150 million for this one compared with $40 million for Bush’s last go-round) because of the increased security. It is a historic day in our country and while I don’t have much invested in it (I’m a white guy who voted for McCain) I am somewhat fascinated by it simply for the fact that it tells a lot about a country that will elect someone with little experience and a minority to the most powerful office in the country, if not the world. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say that as a negative but as a sign of how people are looking for hope, a hope for something better than what they have known or experienced. I don’t think Obama is the best person for the job but I do believe he brought a message of hope, of something different and better and people buy into hope – they want to have hope and need something or someone to invest that hope in.

I see it as a double-edged sword because it all depends on where we look for hope and what we look at for hope. I am developing some ideas in my head about where Christianity in America is headed and it is a mixed bag. I am envisioning some scary ideas but also some real hope. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong and won’t know until years pass but I do know this; if people are looking for hope from Barack Obama, maybe, just maybe they will also look to Jesus for hope when they figure out there is more to hope for, more than what man can provide.

This is my hope, that mankind (or “people”) will eventually grow to seek hope in the everlasting instead of the world.