I really don’t have much on my mind today or maybe I have a lot on my mind and just can’t get it out in coherent sentences.

I really enjoy a Chick-fil-a sandwich. I used to eat them 2-3 times a week in high school and then went for several years rarely eating them. I keep hoping they will put a store in Decatur but it might spoil the enjoyment I get out of eating them because I would be there so often.

We will get to start judging President Obama soon. For everyone who thinks he is a gift from above to those who think he is straight out of you-know-where below but with no real history of proof – the time is coming soon where we can look at his actions and begin to assess what he will be as President. I do have hope for good things but I don’t have high expectations. His signing of an executive order to allow funding for international abortions was a bad decision in my eyes but I think it handled it more delicately than his predecessors.

Where is Osama bin-Laden? Someone knows and someone would tell. With all of our high-tech toys and gizmos, I can’t understand how he can hide so well.

Make it a good day!