The big baseball news this weekend was all about A-Rod and the rumor that he tested positive for steroids in 2003 while a member of the Texas Rangers. All I can say is…sad. I’m not a big A-Rod fan but hoped he would be the guy to break Bonds record and restore some integrity to the record book but it appears that won’t be the case. Steroids have obviously run rampant in baseball and the sad truth is some innocent, hard working players are going to be labeled unfairly because of the number and names of people using steroids.

While we point our fingers at the users, and they are the ones ultimately guilty, we need to point our fingers at the whole of baseball from the commissioner on down. There is no way the owners and trainers didn’t know, there’s no way that the players association didn’t know and none of them wanted to do anything about it.

Another example of sowing what you reap. The baseball establishment wanted the excitement that was being generated and now they pay the price for it. Good or bad, about all the suffer is a little embarrassment and a lot of hot air debating what to do with the records of this era.

Another star down. Who’s next?