It may not be the best title for a blog but as pitchers and catchers get ready to report to Spring Training, the excitement of baseball starts to build for me. Last year is done and over with, the good and the bad. Josh Hamilton’s homeruns and RBI’s, Kinsler’s MVP start before surgery and a great finish were all things I enjoyed about last year. Up and down pitching, Kinsler’s surgery and the start of the season are all things I am glad are in the past. In just over 24 hours as I’m writing this, pitchers and catchers go to Arizona to start working on this year, a new year, a new start.

I was thinking last night about all the Spring Trainings God has given me. An opportunity to start over, fresh, no mistakes, a new beginning. I am so thankful that while the good and bad are a part of my history, with God I can start a new chapter, write a new history and, best of all, He is only interested in my current story – not the story of my past.

I love Spring Training and hope to make a trip to Arizona one of these days to see the new beginning of a new season. I think that would be way cool, like some people want to play Pebble Beach or go to the Daytona 500. I hope I get that opportunity but I cherish the knowledge that I can begin anew with my God, my Creator and Savior, when I need to and I don’t have to wait for Him to wash me in His mercy and grace. It’s an incredible feeling to know I am that loved by the One who can do all things. Hallelujah and hallelujah.