A-Rod met the press yesterday to come clean on his steroid usage. Today the radio is filled with questions of whether he’s still telling the truth or not. My question is, what difference does it make? He’s already received all the punishment he’s going to get so why does everyone want to keep poking at him? Is there more to be gained knowing he used for 7 months instead of 6 or if he knew exactly what his cousin was giving him or not?

I agree that A-Rod is doing a good thing by telling his story and, at some point, everyone will have to accept what he says and move on. If he’s holding information back, it is something that will eat at him much longer than the rest of us. In general, we have become a society of people wanting to hear the dirt on someone so we can talk about them instead of working on ourselves? Don’t believe me? What’s People and National Enquirer and so many other grocery store fillers about? They tell us about other people’s lives and what’s going on with them. There are multiple TV shows and web sites that do the same thing – fill us in on the dirt so we have something to talk about.

I’m guilty. I called A-Rod “A-Fraud” on my blog just a few days ago. He makes LOTS of money and made a mistake that tarnishes a game I’m growing to enjoy and that gives me the right to call him names? No doubt baseball needs to decide what it will do about records set during the steroid period but using steroids are mistakes made by people who simply need to come clean with themselves first. They can’t undo what has been done and we can’t go on forever talking bad about Bonds, McGuire, A-Rod and the gang and we don’t need to. Baseball isn’t the be-all and end-all. It’s a game. It’s not life-and-death, heaven-or-hell and every minute we are focused on that gives us less time to focus on something that is everything.

You’ve heard this from me before and I feel certain you will hear it more; there are forces of evil all around us and their one and only goal is to take our focus away from God, Christ and the promise that awaits us and I believe with all my heart that satan will use any and every situation he can to do that. Is satan using this situation with baseball? I don’t know for sure but I do know this – when it causes me to call someone names or talk bad about someone I don’t even know, it’s certainly not something that is helping me on my path to Heaven.

Watch out for what satan does to trip you up. He’s had my number and isn’t going to stop going after me anytime soon and I would imagine you might have experienced similar treatment.

God loves me and He loves you. Philipians 4:8.