Our youth class started a new study last night about different ways we build a relationship with Jesus and what we sometimes leave out because it doesn’t suit us or fit our image. Sometimes we see Jesus as the Savior but nothing more, sometimes we see Jesus as the one who is supposed to bring good things to our lives but nothing more, we see Jesus as the grace-giving Jesus but nothing more.

As we talked last night, the thought kept rolling through my mind that we are told in Genesis 9 that we are made in God’s image. Think about that for a minute. We are made in His image.

I have spent a lot of years trying to see God in my image. Well, He must not be a very loving God because He let this bad thing happen to me. Well, He will forgive me for doing something to someone who hurt me. Well, He won’t mind if I do this because it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

He made us in His image. Why, oh why, do we move so easily from being in His image to an image of what we think is good and best. How long do we spend picking out clothes, worrying out our hair (or lack thereof), the vehicles we drive, the houses we live in? For a big majority of us, we spend a good bit of time thinking about our image.

We are made in God’s image. Why mess with that?