I’m still thinking about being made in God’s image. I think one of the struggles I have is that I think of image as an external function (how I appear to other people) but being made in God’s image in an internal function – it’s about where our heart is. Our decisions are often affected by external factors but our decision or response in how we act is an internal decision.

Maybe it would be a good thing if we could roll our eyes backwards and have them look inside of ourselves instead of only seeing outside. What if we could look at the condition of our heart in a spiritual sense on a regular basis and see what God sees? I suppose the danger would be that I would, once again, think I was in control and lack the submissiveness that I need to have.

I want to live in the image of God. It’s a battle because there are forces that want to prevent that but it’s my desire and prayer to let the Spirit guide me in the fight as I live closer to my Lord.