WARNING: The following question is a trick question. Who is the most Christ-like person you know?

The problem with the question, in my mind, is that it leads me to compare myself with another human, another struggling, fallible soul. I’ve been guilty in the past of looking at someone I know and thinking I wanted to be more like them. The problem is if I look at someone else and begin to think I’ve got it more together than that person.

Christ is my comparison. I need to strive to follow his example.

I am imperfect. I wasn’t made that way but have entered a world full of spiritual battles with forces that want to lead me to destructive decisions and, at times, I have fallen prey to those forces. On the other hand, I have God’s Holy Spirit and, praise God, I have also relied on the power of the helper He sent me to win the battle against evil.

I will not lead a perfect life from this moment forward but I will make Christ the goal I want to strive for. I don’t want to look at other humans who are waging the same fight that I am as my example nor my crutch to feel better about myself. I want to rejoice in the times I live like Christ and I will repent in the times I fall short of my example but I will remain focused on how He lived and how He wants me to live through the good and the bad.