I wonder what happened on the boat with the 4 football players. How did 1 make it and the other 3 didn’t? It’s a tragic story with a lot of questions that will probably go unanswered.

The question of the day on Mike and Mike (ESPN Radio) is if you would buy a used car owned by a celebrity/athlete. Brett Favre put his truck for sale on eBay and offered to autograph the dashboard for the winner.

I’ve heard predictions the economic problems will begin to turn around sometime between July and late next year. TV weather forecasters have a better track record than that. Can you imagine them saying “it will rain sometime between July and late next year”?

There was a news item yesterday that Bill Gates has banned iPhones and iPods from his house for his wife and kids. I’m betting that drives them nuts. All their fortune comes from Windows and Apple products are the cool things to have.

There are a ton of new electronic gadgets on the market. Phones that do anything and everything, GPS units, electronic book readers. It’s amazing and I wonder what the future will bring. I use an iPhone, iPod, laptop and GPS. I think the Kindle book reader looks like a cool gadget to have and can’t imagine what is coming next. I remember thinking email would revolutionize communication and along comes MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and who knows what else that I can’t keep up with.

Rumor has it warmer weather is coming. I like that in some ways, not so much in others. If it would stay in the 70’s and 80’s I would look forward to warm weather. As it is in Texas, warmer weather makes me start thinking about August.

Have a great day. God is so good.