I didn’t think I would be spending any more space on TO but his press conference with Buffalo cracked me up. He hopes to make the Buffalo Bills “North America’s team.” Does he think Canada is going to cheer for Buffalo now that TO is in town? Surely it has to be humbling for him to go from the Cowboys and at least the talk about a Super Bowl to Buffalo, a 2nd tier team at this point.

There is some great Christian music being made today and I have found certain songs that really resonate with me. One of my favorite groups is Third Day and a new song they have out is one of those songs. Revelation is about wanting to hear from God, wanting to know what He wants me to do, which path to take and the struggle that it is to wait at times. I get lost when I try to find my way on my own and I am learning to wait on God for direction and that is why I love this song.

Here are the lyrics to Third Day’s “Revelation”

My life has led me down the
road that’s so uncertain
Now I am left alone and I am broken
Trying to find my way
Trying to find the faith that’s gone

This time I know that you are
holding all the answers
I’m tired of losing hope and taking chances
On roads that never seem
To be the ones that bring me home

Give me a revelation
Show me what to do
‘Cause I’ve been trying to find my way
I haven’t got a clue
Tell me should I stay here
Or do I need to move
Give me a revelation
I’ve got nothing without you
I’ve got nothing without you

My life has led me down this
path that’s ever winding
Through every twist and turn, I’m always finding
That I am lost again
Tell me when this road will ever end

I don’t know where I can turn
Tell me, when will I learn
Won’t you show me where I need to go
Let me follow your lead
I know that it’s the only way
that I can get back home