March Madness cranks up in a couple of days. I love it – my favorite postseason play of any sport. I’m not sure how Texas made it in with their play the past 2 months but I don’t see them getting past Duke. I’m rooting for North Carolina to win it all but think either Louisville or Memphis may have a good shot. I can’t wait for tip-off.

I just deleted the majority of what I had written. Sometimes I go off and today…I was really going off. I need to think about it a little longer and decide if I really want to sound the way I think I sounded.

The crux of it was my weariness of getting emails about Obama killing the country. I’m no fan but all of our problems started long before Obama thought about running for President. It’s easy to blame the government without looking at ourselves. Who put them there? Uh-oh…here I go again.

A portion of Psalm 23 popped up on my blog this morning. It’s my favorite scripture for personal reasons but also because I have come to own it. The Lord is my shepherd, He is all that I need. Not, the Lord is my shepherd and He is all that I need along with my house and car and job and…and…and.

If everything went away today, if I lost it all, would I still believe what the verse says? Would you? Would I be perfectly content and joyful if all I have is the Lord? Living on the streets, begging for food or money – would the Lord be enough for me? Working a minimum wage job and living in a 1 room apartment – would the Lord be enough for me? Making millions and living in a mini-mansion – would the Lord be enough for me?

It’s tough to answer because I can’t fully fathom those scenarios but it’s the state I want to reach. It’s something that I am grappling with, something I want to understand for what it means for me.