For every email I get blaming the Democrats, I should be getting many more with many different faces. Where is the email blaming the people who fudged their loan applications to get a house that was too big or a car that was too expensive? Where is the email of the person who votes their incumbents in time after time because they wear the Republican label and then say we need to throw the bums out? Where is the email blaming people who have voted for a party without really knowing what that party was going to do with our trillions of dollars?

I worked in the home health care industry for a few years and I have seen how the government system works. It’s horrible and easy to abuse. Guess what! There are a lot of people running businesses who make their money on easily abused government systems and…those people abuse the system. Is the government to blame or is the business person who abuses the loopholes to blame?

There are Republicans blaming Democrats for the AIG mess who seem to have forgotten that the former Republican administration was the first to give a handout to AIG.

I didn’t vote for Obama and probably wouldn’t vote for him if we were doing it all over again but it doesn’t mean our politicians need to point fingers instead of accepting blame and fixing things.

I’m tired of all the blaming. Let’s get over it and move on. Solutions, not blame, is what is needed today. Looking back is useless except as a learning exercise of what to avoid in the future. To bring it up over and over is not productive and not beneficial to a country mired in a mess.

Send me an email with good ideas and send me an email with politicians who are working to fix the problems. I’m tired of living in the past.