I picked Michigan over Clemson and Western Kentucky over Illinois. I told myself to take Maryland over California but couldn’t do it for some reason. Heyfelvdt or whatever his name is for Gonzaga is a player. I missed the UCLA-VCU game…sounds like a nailbiter to the wire.

Have you ever had the experience where you thought you knew something then realized how much you didn’t know but started learning and understanding and it opened your eyes to ideas and concepts you had never grasped before? When it happens, it’s a whole new ballgame. You begin to see things you were somehow blind to before. You begin to grasp things that didn’t make sense or didn’t register with you before. It’s as if doors are opened and you travel through time and space that you didn’t know existed.

I am in one those periods and I hope it doesn’t stop. Each week brings new revelations with plenty of stuff to chew on, to think about and process. It is exciting and a bit scary at times and I hope it doesn’t stop. I want to know more, to understand better.

I hope your day is filled with the knowledge of the hope and peace and love afforded each of us by God.