In Brazil, we go on a retreat in the country and the one thing that always makes a memory are the cold showers. The retreat facilities catch water in a cistern and there is nothing, other than the sun, that heats the water. I got a reminder of those days on Monday. Two members of the family had already had the joy of a cold shower before I got in. WOW!

Here’s my plug for Total Plumbing Solutions. Joe got a hot water heater out and installed on Monday and we are back to showers with hot water. Hot water is good.

I missed the President’s speech last night but have heard some comments from supporters and haters. Too much of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

I was reminded of the spiritual battle that rages around us last night. A guy I was talking to was telling me about a relative who has a 28 year old daughter that is battling a brain tumor and has only a few weeks to live. He was telling me about the testing of faith his relative has gone through. I can’t imagine the challenge that would be before me knowing one of my children was terminally ill; the questions I would have for God but it was encouraging to hear how this family is approaching it so far. I know they will have tough days ahead and hope their faith will be strengthened through dark times.

God is good but His goodness isn’t in what we have today but in what awaits us. Health and wealth are nice things to have but God has plans that are far, far greater than what we can comprehend today. I look forward to when I can share that glorious time with Him.