That may be what some of you say when reading my ramblings. I looked back and realized I’ve been posting blogs for over 3 years. It doesn’t seem like it’s been very long at all but I also think I’m still 30 sometimes so the mind does play tricks on me.

It’s hard when the economic crisis hits close to home. The husband of one lady in my office just found out his company is laying people off and if the tide doesn’t turn quickly may shut the doors. Another husband’s company has discontinued offering insurance because of money troubles.

Obama has fired one CEO and I wonder if he will put pressure on others. I’m no fan of unions so I look at the UAW skeptically wondering what they will do to help. I saw today that some AT&T employees may go on strike. Really? Do they think that’s a good idea right now? I bet there are A BUNCH of people who will gladly take their jobs.

I’m still thinking this country is going to reap what we have sown and it will not be pretty or easy. I don’t know when and how but at some point, something has to give.

I don’t think I would have ever dreamed I would blog about Kris Kristofferson or a song he has sung. You just never know.

A good friend of mine (HINT: he’s Jamaican, a teacher at a Ft. Worth law school, missionary and preacher) turned me on to looking forward to things based on the number of “sleeps” before they happened. It started with a trip to Brazil when we counted down the number of sleeps until we were back in our own beds.

4 more sleeps to Rangers opening day game! I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Josh Hamilton story being written. Every interview I have seen with him has included his faith and reliance on God. I’m looking forward to: seeing how Michael Young makes the transition to 3rd, seeing Elvis Andrus make some incredible plays from shortstop, seeing if Ian Kinsler can get started on another MVP-like season, seeing how Chris Davis does in his sophomore year, seeing if Millwood delivers in his contract year, seeing where Saltalamacchia and Blalock end up and seeing if Teagarden is going to be the super-catcher people are talking about.

I have no expectations but only hope that the Rangers play competitive ball.