I spent the weekend at Camp Deer Run with 100+ young people and some other adults. It was a spiritual retreat for our youth group and 4 other churches (2 from Arkansas, Bowie and Early) and a wonderful and wet time. I appreciate my time with our youth group because they always offer hope…hope for today and tomorrow, hope for more Christ-likeness, more openness about our Savior and hope that the kingdom of God will continue to become stronger and more in love with Him.

I saw some incredibly loving and caring youth ministers and their families and I was once again reminded how blessed we are to have Jacob and Heather Baker in our church family. I am repeatedly overwhelmed by their love for our kids and their desire to share Christ.

I saw a report on the news today there is a case in front of the Supreme Court to decide whether schools can strip search children. It focuses around a girl who was 13 at the time, an honor student with no history of trouble. Another girl was caught with drugs and blamed it on the honor student. The honor student said she knew nothing about it so the Assistant Principal got the school nurse to strip search her. The girl recanted being down to just her undergarments and being told to take them off also. This was all done WITHOUT the parent’s knowledge.

As I listened to the story, I thought about that happening to one of my kids. Now, if you know me well you know I have a bit of a temper. It doesn’t go off often but when it does things tend to get broken. I can only imagine finding out that the school had strip searched one of my children without my knowledge and I’m pretty sure the temper alarm would go off and nothing good would happen after that.

I hope the Supreme Court uses some common sense and does not allow for strip searches without parental consent at a minimum. The 13 year old girl was horrified and ended up leaving that school because she was made fun of and worse.

I’m really trying to work on my temper. As I have come to understand the spiritual battles for my heart better, I know that is one area that satan can use.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.