I love my church. It is imperfect, filled with people who have all sorts of problems. It has the people who think instrumental music is wrong and those who don’t take issue with it. It has people who have never had a drop of alcohol cross their lips and those who have battled addiction. It has people who think showing up every Sunday is what’s most important and those who don’t show up often but share the compassion of Christ with other people daily. It has people who’s families are almost perfect and people who’s families are in shambles. My church has people of all sizes and shapes, of various socio-economic backgrounds and, to some degree, different cultures and colors. My church is wonderful because in all it’s greatness and problems, it is the church Christ created.

I read an article by Jud Wilhite tonight that reminded me why I love the church. Wilhite is the pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas (yes, sin city) and he said something that really matches what I think about church.

“I believe with all my heart that the Church is the world’s hope. Government can’t change the heart. Education, as important as it is, can’t change the heart. Healthcare and Social Security reform won’t change the heart. Only God can do that. And He uses people – the Church – to reach out and impact others. Many people are cynical and skeptical about church. And who can deny all the scandals and hypocrisy that occur in the name of God? It is truly awful. Yet, for every scandal there are thousands and thousands of churches making a real difference and doing their best to help others.

I love my church and I hope God continues to give us opportunity to reach a lost and hurting world AND I hope we will meet the opportunity with the heart of Christ. I see it happening through different people in different ways and it excites me. The Church, the body of Christ, offers hope through the resurrected Savior.