My son’s baseball team had the best tournament of the year yesterday. His team was 1-12 coming in to the day and starting bracket play as the 9th (and last) seed. They played the 8th seed and got a 9-3 lead before letting the other team come back and almost win. Our guys prevailed 10-9 but it appeared they had the sense they would end up losing another one and played tentatively in the latter innings. The next game was against the #1 seed and we were off and running with a 5-0 lead before letting the other team tie it in the 5th inning and then watched as they scored the winning run in the 6th to beat us 6-5. Again, it looked like our boys got nervous and tight down the stretch afraid of blowing it instead of taking their play up another notch.

Sometimes, we get used to defeat and think that no matter how good things seem, it will all go away and we will be on the losing end. Or, we get so used to defeat that we learn to live in it thinking of victory as something the lucky people get.

My Christian walk has taken on that feel at times. I wanted to win, I wanted to live Christ-like but knew I had blown it before and would probably blow it again. I would get close and then let something move me back to my old ways. Praise God that I feel like I am moving away from that thinking and realizing that victories are there for the taking if I will trust in the Lord and live courageously for Him. I’m learning to walk in faith and turn away from my old thoughts of not being able to do the right thing, to win. I realize that the win isn’t mine alone but a team victory. I win when I rely on God and allow Him to work through me using His perfect and wonderful Spirit and He gives me other people who want to help.

I want to continue to learn to win in God’s plan for me. Victory is sweet and He has paved the way for me to enjoy it.