It was pouring down when I took the kids to school. Once I dropped them off and made my way into the office, it stopped. I’m OK with it raining on Mondays and Tuesdays between 8 and 11 in the morning and after 9 at night. I should avoid getting wet and it leaves the weekends open for outside activities. Seems reasonable, doesn’t it?

Rangers play in New York tonight. It would be good to win this series before heading into Boston. If the Rangers come out of this with more wins than losses they have to be considered as a contender. If they don’t, it shows there is more work to be done which isn’t all bad either. The bullpen still isn’t as good as anyone would want it. I’m guessing the coming months will bring a trade for some pitching and the signing of Ben Sheets. If Nefatali Perez is able to come to the bullpen with his 100mph heat, Holland continues to be steady, Feldman continues to improve and Sheets can be a reliable starter…wow. This could be really fun.

Consider that and the idea of Hamilton and Chris Davis hitting like they are capable of and you’ve got a good mix if everyone can execute. WOW. This could be really fun!

I’m just a few days reading into Oswald Chamber’s My Utmost for His Highest and loving it. It’s as if he was writing it just for me and his comments challenge me to go deeper with God and remind me to wait on Him, rely on Him, trust in Him, live for Him.