The Rangers go to New York and Boston and leave with a 3 wins and 3 losses record. WOW! For Rangers fans who have suffered through years of bad pitching and bad defense, the start to this season is fun to watch. I bet there are plenty, like me, who keep preparing for the wheels to fall off but I’m not so sure they will. Nelson Cruz, the guy who was out of options, who couldn’t get off to a good start at the top level, has gone deep 17 times. Kinsler, Andrus, Young, Davis…strong. Millwood, Feldman, Wonderboy (Holland)…steady. Padilla…a nut job who can pitch pretty well when his head is in the game. This is fun, really fun to watch.

Have you ever waited on something to happen and thought it never would? Did you get frustrated? Ready to give up? I know I feel that way at times and I wonder if God ever does. For some of us, coming to a true relationship with God has taken a long time with several missteps (to put it kindly) along the way. I wonder if He ever got frustrated? Ever wanted to give up?

Can you imagine hearing God say “(state your name), I’m tired of trying, I’m tired of waiting, I’m frustrated and I’m ready to give up on you.” The first time I imagined that question with my name in the blank, it brought me to tears and sent chills down my spine. It still does at times because it’s a question I continue to use when I feel myself drifting away from complete trust and faith in God, a trust and faith that He will bring to a place greater than what I am hoping for, greater than I can likely imagine. It doesn’t mean the path is all sunshine and roses because there are evil forces along with the way wanting me to quit, to give up. But God is good, He’s never given up on me, He never quit trying, He never quit loving me…and He never will.

I still hear the voices and feel the pull to walk away but the question hasn’t let me do that. I want to live in the answer, the answer that says “I am with you always…”