No more posts this week. When I’m done with this one, you will likely I think I was done with posts yesterday.

The Rangers won a 1-0 game last night that was over at 9:45. The Rangers. Yes, a game won with pitching and defense! A Ranger game that took less than 3 hours. A Ranger game won with pitching and defense…did I mention that one already? Who is that team playing in Arlington and what did they do with the guys we are used to watching?

Anyone watching 4th and 1 on SpikeTV? It’s Michael Irvin’s reality show that started with 6 receivers and 6 defensive backs competing for a spot at Cowboys training camp. I’m pretty sure Jerry is behind it somehow since it’s promoting his team but I think I’ll be pulling for whoever wins to make the team. So far, all these guys seem happy to have the opportunity. It’s Irvin being the taskmaster with Bill Bates as the defensive coach and Joe Avezzano as the offensive coach. Irvin has the line he gives them whenever he cuts one but each guy that got cut is respectful and thankful for the shot.

One of the last things I heard on Good Morning America this morning was that we would all get to hear one of the American Idol people say these 3 words, “I am gay.” But GMA isn’t about sensationalism. Seriously? Sadly, there are people who will tune in just to hear the big news with some thinking he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread for coming out and others who will hate him for it.

I wish GMA would roll the I Am Second lineup of folks out on their stage so they can say those words to the world. Josh Hamilton, Jason Witten, Darren Waltrip, Brian “Head” Welch, Jason Castro and a bunch of others…why not make that the big news?

Whew. Breathe deeply. Calm. Imagine your favorite peaceful place. OK, I’m better now.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and remember that God loves you tremendously.