Word out that Sammy Sosa tested positive for steroids in 2003. Really? OK, everyone who is suprised to hear this, raise your left hand. The numbers are skewed and there’s no going back so let’s move on. No one cared when it was happening – not MLB or the Players Association, not owners, reporters or fans. Now people are outraged? Give it up and move on.

Obama is proposing several new positions to monitor private industry. It’s hilarious to think some government nerd really has a clue what happens in the real world but big business sure seems to have trouble policing itself and it’s owners (stockholders) want immediate returns so what does anyone expect but short term thinking and pushing to make numbers look pretty? Anyway, throw the government beauracracy in the mix and prepare for disaster. Not that business managers won’t bring disaster on themselves anyway. Remember MCI? Enron? Hundreds of other companies that went belly-up because of bad management and took lots of people down with them?

The danger, to me, is that people begin to focus on the government agencies as the problem when the people running the company are the problem – but make millions and millions and get to walk away financially secure while the line workers lose their retirement.

That leads me towards another post I’m working on that asks how much we should care and where our focus and efforts should be. Some people will think I have lost my mind…and I couldn’t disagree with them.

Grace and peace to you.