I talked to a friend yesterday who just quit his job. Yep, just quit. He doesn’t have another job lined up. The job he had paid him as much as his previous jobs had paid in 2-3 years. He just quit.

OK, he didn’t just walk out. He talked to his boss, the owner of the company, before walking out. They had a talk and then he quit.

Crazy, huh? In this economy, who in their right mind quits his job? And what would possess someone to do something like that?

My friend and his boss, the owner, were interviewing a guy for a position at the company. They had asked if the guy was willing to move and the guy responded to the effect of “yes, my wife and I have been praying about it so that we make the right decision for our family and we think God is leading us to move.” At this point, the boss excuses himself to go to the restroom while my friend finished the interview.

After the candidate is gone, my friend finds the boss and asks what he thought. “I left because I’m not hiring another Christian hypocrite around here. I’m not interested.” There was more to it than that but you get the idea.

My friend wrestled with it for a few days. He had promised his high school aged daughter he wouldn’t move her again. He was making good money. He called someone and they suggested he talk to his daughter and tell her what happened to which she responded, “you can’t stay there daddy.” So he told his boss how he felt and his boss told him he didn’t care. So he quit.

Strength. Not muscles, not force but a strength that comes from a faith I wonder if I would have. Strength that allows him to trust that God will take care of him. Strength.

Grace and peace to you.