I’ve got several ideas for posts this week and hope I can get them all done without writing a novel and making sense. I may have to stew on some of them a little longer.

Today, health care seems to be back in the spotlight. I didn’t hear all that was said this morning on GMA but know they were talking about the pros and cons of Obama’s plan that is coming soon. While government run anything makes me immediately think “FAILURE” I’m also an advocate that our current system doesn’t work so well either. Currently, I make 2 house payments each month – one for my house and one for my health plan. It’s not a joke, I pay roughly the same amounts for my mortgage and insurance. Does that sound like a good plan? Then, I’ve got Newt Gingrich as the Republican spokesman for the evils of Obama’s plan. A guy who is living off a government paid pension funded my tax dollars, a guy with the best health care available fund funded by my tax dollars and a guy who gets paid millions of dollars to speak while still taking a salary paid for by my tax dollars. Great. What I would like is for my spokesman to be the husband of one of the ladies in my office. She’s pregnant and his company just cut health insurance to save money. I think he’s got a better grip on reality than Newt for most Americans.

Tell me the government cannot effectively manage a health program and I can’t disagree with you. Tell me the plan we have now is good enough and I will disagree with you. Tell me the Republicans have a better alternative and I’ll just laugh. Ask me for a solution and I’ll tell you I’m as lost as the next person because I don’t have the time to invest in it right now. Who does you ask? Unfortunately it’s the people who are getting paid by my tax dollars, people who don’t live in the real world and who don’t seem to really understand the needs of the typical American.

This is leading me to a place I don’t fully understand and reserve the right to change my opinions as I think out loud. For today, I’ll simply throw the broad question out of what is the church’s role going to be in the future?

Grace and peace to you.