Does it seem like Monday gets here faster than any other day of the week?

July 4th came and went uneventfully. No fires, no one lost an eye. I think I saw more fireworks than ever before though. Out driving Saturday night, they were going off everywhere. Big ones.

I appreciate the country I live in and am thankful for what I have. The freedoms we do have are a gift from the sweat and blood many have poured out for us.

As thankful as I am for this freedom I have, there is a greater freedom for me to grab hold of. I still get too many emails trying to link my freedom through Christ with the country I live in. I heard a question yesterday that had me thinking – does God love Americans more than Brazilians? more than Russians? Does God love Americans more than He loves Muslims? Does He love me more than He loves Osama Bin Laden? I don’t think so.

We Americans need to remember living in this country doesn’t give us greater favor in Heaven. Satan is an equal opportunity killer and his desire to rob our souls is no different than his desire to rob the soul of a terrorist. He gives them the desire to kill and has them think it is in the name of God. He gives us the desire to feel pride, maybe arrogance, and to feel safe in our prosperity and some try to tie it to a “Christian nation.”

I won’t be surprised to see a day when our prosperity ends and our freedoms fade in this country but no one can take away the freedom I have in God – the freedom to love, to give, to share, to be gracious and merciful – those freedoms are mine forever. The sweat and the blood have been given for me and the cross is my constant reminder that I have a freedom that far exceeds anything I can know because I’m an American.

Grace and peace to you.