Another blogging holiday of sorts. I’m going to be out more than in over the next couple of weeks so posts will be sporadic at best. I hope to come back somewhat rested, more relaxed and ever closer to my Lord.

Did anyone stay up with the Rangers last night? I dropped out in the 8th inning but woke up to find they had won and are tied for 1st place again. I also heard Chris Davis was 3-for-4 at one point in his AAA game last night.

Do you ever read scripture that haunts you, that stays in the back of your mind interjecting itself in your thoughts periodically? I’ve got a few of those and one that I juggle constantly is Acts 2:42-47. I wonder what that would/should look like today. Is it a picture of me running from here to there with all my busyness and periodically saying a good word to someone or doing something for someone every now and then. Is it a picture of a nicer house, a nicer car, more gadgets?

It haunts me because I wonder what those verses mean for me, what are they telling me, where are they leading me, what are the things I need to be doing differently?

I’m afraid many in this country have thought it was a favored nation because we were prosperous. Is there any chance prosperity comes from satan? Is there any chance the good things we can afford or not always, if ever, from God but from one who wants to occupy our time, our money, our hearts?

God loves me and He gave me all I needed long, long ago. What I needed lived and hung on a cross and died and walked out of a tomb. What I needed…what God wants me to have is the hope and promise that only Jesus provides.

Grace and peace to you.