I had a wonderful week in Colorado. I didn’t catch as many fish as usual but caught enough to enjoy myself and the biggest one of the week was the last one I caught so it ended well. It was a good time with God’s creation and time spent with family and I’m thankful for the opportunity to take some time away and relax. I think 3 more weeks of it and I would be alright!

I love waking up on July days and seeing the back porch wet from rain.

It was an interesting week. I was reminded of the story of Abraham and Sarah and how God had them wait to fulfill His promise to them. They took things into their own hands and it led to battles that still exist today but God’s plan was good and perfect.

How many times do I get tired of waiting for God? How many times have I taken things into my own hands only to find my ideas weren’t so great?

My prayer today is that I will learn to wait and that I will wait with joy and peace in knowing that God will deliver.

Grace and peace to you.