We had the most exciting day at church on Sunday. Instead of doing a traditional VBS this year, some sharp minds mixed with Jesus’ example of serving others and created “Gear Up!” where our church would offer free backpacks and school supplies to some needy folks in Wise County. We had 400 backpacks ready to go and planned to give 100 rainchecks out if needed. We had 1,000 hot dogs ready, puppets, crafts, singing, free haircuts, dental supplies, a notary and immunizations for school kids and 130 or so volunteers ready to do whatever was needed.

From what I have heard, we gave away all the backpacks and 272 rainchecks. The 1,000 dogs were gone and I don’t think any of the volunteers ate any so it was all people who came for the event. I think there were 5 or 6 hair cutting stations that stayed busy for 3 hours. Anywhere from 800 to 1,200 people passed through. What an afternoon!

I know we helped some people financially. I hope we touched some people spiritually. I’m convinced 130+ volunteers went home thankful to be able to give a little to those in need. I believe God was glorified yesterday and seeds were planted. I pray fruit will be borne, that hearts will be changed and that those of us who served will seek more opportunities to keep serving.

I’m thankful for the people who came up with the great idea. I’m thankful for those in need who came. I’m thankful that God was a part of an incredible time of service.

Grace and peace to you.