I went to the Rangers game last night. OUCH. It started ugly, got better and ended ugly.

They lost 2 of 3 in Minnesota and got off to a BAD start last night. I want to see how they bounce back…if they bounce back. They are still 4 games out of the Wild Card race so the hope remains they can pull it off. It’s been a great year and I hope it goes a little further.

Tough nights and days come for all of us. They are never pleasant, never wanted or welcomed but they come just the same. We learn much about ourselves in our response to those times.

I think I have mentioned my new habit of listening to sermons while I mow. It has made mowing something I look forward to because it is a period of filling myself with a message from God and it has given me insights into so many areas I want to know more about.

One of the concepts that I keep hearing is the idea of discipleship. I have grown up going to church and have experienced the idea that people need to be there but not much was done to take the church to the people. That seems to be shifting also as the idea of being a disciple continues to move ahead. I look forward to the day when Christians are simply known for their love – through their compassion and service to others – instead of by their denominational moniker or their disputes and I look forward to a day when I am more representative of a disciple of Jesus than I am today.

Grace and peace to you.