Friday night football cranks up in Decatur, Texas tonight.

I’m hoping to get away from a bit of work on Monday and head over to see some high school football at the new monstrosity in Arlington. I’m thinking it’s the cheapest way I’ll get in to see a game in the stadium!

I watched a bit of the Boise State-Oregon game last night. It’s weird watching a game on that blue field. Go Broncos! One Oregon player started throwing punches at players and fans after the game. Think any other teams will try to get in his head?

The Horns are getting ready to start the national championship run against some powerhouse school in Louisiana (West Monroe or something like that – not LSU). People complain about big schools playing cream puffs but a) a playoff system would remedy teams avoiding big games early and b) it’s not the Longhorns fault that other big schools are afraid to play them.

Colt McCoy should win the Heisman…just because I like him if for no other reason.

I interviewed 3 people for a sales position in one of our stores yesterday. Two of them talked about Christian books they were reading and their faith. That surprised me a little.

A good friend reminded me yesterday that God doesn’t move. We don’t have to wander around searching for Him because He stays in the same place. It’s easy for us to seek Him and find Him if we want to. He also reminded me that God has prepared us for battle and we must be willing and ready to fight when the battle comes to us. I always enjoy good friends and good conversations.

Grace and peace to you.