I’m dealing with mindless things today because I can’t break down what’s on my mind for a blog post yet. Just warning you.

How about Kim Clijsters? Off the tennis circuit for a couple of years to have a child and then comes back to win the US Open. Way to go mom!

Was it Venus or Serena (I can’t keep up) that went on a verbal tirade against an umpire at the US Open? It’s going to cost her some moolah but I wonder if it will hurt her reputation. She was mad, no doubt about that.

I don’t understand the Rangers. The beat the Angels and Yankees and fold against the Mariners. Granted they are young. Granted they haven’t been in a playoff race before. Granted it rained alot and the winds blew from the east and yada, yada, yada. Pitching is breaking down and as it goes, so goes the playoff hopes.

As much as I want to see the Rangers make it to the World Series, it doesn’t look like this is the year but I still repeat what I have said before. Last year, I couldn’t give away tickets to a Rangers game in August, much less September. This year, people still want to buy them. It’s been a fun year.

Is Romo the greatest QB ever? OK, just kidding. I had the game on yesterday but I’m not sure I watched 10 plays the whole game. I’ve really lost interest in cheering for the Cowboys and, I guess, pro football in general. The media has as much to do with it as anybody because I get so tired of hearing the writers and announcers griping/chastising/self-righteous rants. I’ll realign my cheering to the Chargers and Broncos and maybe the Bears. I like Chicago’s coach, middle linebacker and history but their QB is flaky.

I’m playing fantasy football for free with a bunch of people from a random group on the ESPN site. My QB…Jay Cutler, the flaky Chicago QB. Nothing like 4 interceptions to wind up on the bench.

Did you hear Michael Jordan’s HOF induction speech? I didn’t but read some excerpts and if the tone of his speech was as bad as the reading made it sound, MJ fell several notches in my book.

The rain has been really nice. It means mowing again but that’s a small price to pay for a little coolness and moisture.

As I wrap up, something I always thought I would mention and haven’t is why I started ending my blog the way I do. I was listening to a sermon podcast one day while mowing and the preacher ended with “grace and peace to you.” I can’t explain it but felt a calmness come over me as I thought about what he said. So, I end my blog with that refrain not so much for the reader but for the writer. I hope it brings something good into your life. I know it brings something good into mine.

Grace and peace to you.