The Texas Rangers. Need I say more? Offense has never been a problem. It’s a problem now.

I’m curious why Michael Vick generates more outrage in our country than the guy in California who kept the girl hostage in his backyard and had 2 kids with her.

I do not condone or have any interest in what Vick was involved in but these animal rights activists are off-the-rails.

I still can’t comprehend why we have not apprehended Osama Bin Laden.

I’ve seen how government funded health care works from the back office and the thought of our government (regardless of who is in office) running health care is disgusting.

I’m ready for the Republicans (and all politicians) to get off their high horse and get to work. If I recall correctly, Bush was in office when the government started handing out money. It was a bad idea then.

I think I met the next U.S. Senator for Texas this week. I had the opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting with Roger Williams who is working to take Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s seat when she resigns. I’m still skeptical of anyone running for public office but he’s got my vote.

I’m headed back to torture (physical therapy) at the hands of a 4’11” young lady today. I think she likes seeing me grimace.

I was thinking last night about my past propensity to try and craft outcomes instead of allowing God to work in my life. I verbalized it last night this way; I do not want a God that I am an equal with, I want a God who is bigger than me. I do not want a God who can see what I can see. I want a God who can see far more than I can. I do not want a God who can imagine what I can imagine. I want a God who can imagine possibilities I never could. I want to worship a God who can do far more than I ever could and a God who can forgive far more than I ever could and a God who can love far more than I ever could and a God who will give me the strength to do all these things to a greater extent than I ever could on my own. That’s the God I want and that is the God I worship today.

Grace and peace to you.