What’s up with all the Romo bashing? He’s got a great win-loss record overall. His stats to date give him the 3rd best QB historical rating. He comes out and plays every week in what has to be one of the most dysfunctional organizations in football. Give him Aikman’s offense and I bet he does really well but give him a blindside offensive tackle who has to trip people, receivers who are nutcases or battling to stay off the development squad and coaches who are picked by a non-football guy who wants it to be all about him and I think Romo does well.

Is he a superstar? No. No doubt he has to win in December and January to reach that level but run through the names of the most previous Cowboy quarterbacks and tell me who you want. Quincy Carter? I think he was the last QB to lead them to a playoff game before Romo.

I’ll take my chances with Romo until Jerry brings in the next Staubach/Aikman.

I taught the youth class last night using the song The Motions by Matthew West as the topic. I love that song and I hope I did a good job sharing what God can do with people who are broken to his will.

I love the line “I don’t want to have to spend my whole life asking, what if I had given everything?” I don’t do a good job giving God everything every day. I still get caught up focusing on me but I have great joy when I can feel that I am turning my life, my thoughts, my decisions and my actions over to God.

I hope you will listen to the song if you have never heard it. There is power in the breaking and the pain that come with giving yourself over to God and realizing he is all there is, he is all that counts, he is everything you need or should want. The pain isn’t always fun but the growing closer to God that comes from it is not just fun, it is pure joy.

Grace and peace to you.