I only caught the news snippets but apparently David Letterman admitted to having affairs with staffers on his show last night. OK, let’s here it. It’s time to point out all of his faults, all of his failings and talk about what a horrible person he is…because he sinned. Yes he did. The heathen. (I hope the sarcasm is dripping through.)

I really wonder how many people who speak well of Josh Hamilton, even after his problem in January, will want to verbally beat up Letterman. I hope self-righteousness doesn’t rear it’s ugly head but that people will simply pray for Letterman and for all of us who are sinners. I would really – really – like to hear people criticize the evil one and talk about what he is doing among us when referencing Letterman’s faults…and their own. I hope to realize Letterman is no different than me – a man, made in God’s image, tempted by satan and loved by God.

While I’m rambling about what I don’t want to hear I’ll include all the talk about Obama’s trip to the Olympic thingy. If George Bush had gone while he was President the Republicans would be crowing like roosters talking about how wonderful it is he is bringing focus to this great land. The Republican party is beginning to disgust me. What compounds it is that many of these same people hold out their Christian values while running someone down the minute a microphone is in front of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the Democrats but it is sad to see what our “leaders” do. I want a politician representing me that represents what politicians should, the best interest of the country, without grandstanding and without finding something negative to say at any moment.

Enough griping. Here’s something to end the week on…

Jesus died for you and me. He loves you and me through our sin and died for us so that we might truly experience his glory. If you read this blog and don’t know the true love of Christ, I hope to have the opportunity to visit with you and tell you what I know about the greatest gift I have ever or will ever receive. God is alive. He loves us in ways we may never understand and he wants us to know him.

Grace and peace to you.