The Longhorns won but not convincingly. I’m thinking national title hopes are shaky at best. I hated to see Sam Bradford go down and think Texas won based on that event alone. I hope he recovers and this injury doesn’t affect his opportunity to play in the NFL one day.

Reports today are that the balloon boy incident was all a hoax; a story crafted by his parents to get attention and publicity for them, both trained actors. How crazy is it to put your kids in that situation?

Then again, how crazy is it that many of us do a lot of things we do? I’ve heard the term “me addiction” recently and realize that is how I have often lived my life. What do I want? How do I feel? It seems our society is filled with thoughts of making ourselves happy in what we have/do/want. I’m certainly guilty of falling in the trap.

I appreciate the organizations that are springing up trying to put our focus back where it should be. I Am Second ( and What’s In It For Him ( or just a couple and I know more exist. It’s encouraging to see an effort to remind people that there is a higher power and a higher calling we need to focus on.

God is so good.

Grace and peace to you.