Crazy days in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I certainly don’t understand the mind of a suicide bomber.

Hypothetically speaking…a suicide bomber heads to his target thinking he will end up in a place surrounded by a bunch of virgins or something like that. The bomb explodes and then he wakes up and is greeted by more fire and a guy with horns and a tail (remember, this is hypothetical). What do you think goes through his mind then?

I wonder if President Obama is finding his promise of more dialogue and negotiation with these warring nations much harder than he thought. He won the Nobel Prize but I think that only impresses the intellectuals, not the street fighters. I’m not criticizing him, just wondering if it is tougher getting things done than he imagined.

I heard someone talking about where God was leading him and then talking about how he would kill someone who broke into his house. I still haven’t reconciled those two topics.

I’m reading two books right now. One is about God’s crazy love for us. The other is about a CIA operative is knocking off all the terrorists. I’m not sure I’ve reconciled my reading habits yet. 🙂

The first one, titled Crazy Love, has a chapter about lukewarm Christians and how to tell if you are one. One word came to mind as I read it…OUCH! The upside was most of the points that hurt are points I have been seeing and working on in myself.

I spent most of the evening listening to a missionary who wants the world to be saved…today. I love his passion and desire to share the good news with everyone. He encourages me and reminds me that I am also sent out – everyday – to work in the mission field. I’m trying to remind him that he couldn’t do everything, at least he can’t do it all at once. I’m not sure I’ll do much to dissuade him from giving it a try.

I love people who love and live for God on a daily basis. They lift me up. I thank God for the people who are in my life who model this lifestyle for me.

Grace and peace to you.