It’s Tuesday night and I’m sitting in a Starbucks bumming wireless Internet. It’s an interesting mix of people and sounds. I’m thinking of my friend Rick Ross while “Little Drummer Boy” is playing from the speakers overhead. Two ladies nearby are discussing “men problems”, the table next to them is comprised of a middle aged couple in animated discussion. I’m guessing the man is a doctor, the woman is in a wheelchair. Around us are several college kids working on homework and projects, a cop and a guy who looks homeless except for the Mac laptop and the iPhone he’s talking on.

We live in a world full of many different people dealing with many different issues, problems, expectations, joys, crushing blows and all with different methods of dealing with whatever they are going through. Yet, for all of us sitting here, there is one answer we all need, one way to get where we should all want to go, one source for peace and true joy. My prayer tonight is that God touches each person in this room and that all of our hearts will be open to his love and his power.

Grace and peace to you.