…cold outside. 27 degrees when I got in my truck this morning.

Can you imagine what it was like to be Job? To endure losing everything, endure friends telling you all sorts of things about how God feels about you, endure pain and suffering most people can never imagine? Job stood firm and never took his eyes off God. What a wonderful story for us. It’s a story of faith and a challenge to remain completely faithful and trusting that God is in control and that this life is only a journey to better things. If we are honest, how much can we suffer that is worse than what Job went through? How much can we suffer that is worse than what Christ went through for each one of us?

I throw myself into what I believe is a large group that deserves suffering but God gives mercy and has a plan for me, if I remain faithful to him, that will eclipse any suffering I can imagine with joy beyond comprehension on this earth. I want to remain true to him. I want to fight the battle, to suffer the wounds, to endure the pain if it means I get to spend an eternity with him. I continue to stumble and fall off the path but I want to keep finding my way back to God because I know he is patiently waiting for me with arms wide open.

I heard the question asked, “what do you think will be heavenly about heaven?” My response would have to be ‘just being there.’

Grace and peace to you.