Blogging is not working for me today. I’ve tried 2 different posts and I can’t get traction with either one. I think the mind is overloaded and I probably need to take a few days off. On the other hand, I can fill up the space with mindless wanderings…which may not be much different than what I post every other day.

The Apple tablet is coming out. I bet it’s going to be cool but not affordable for the masses.

Our high school kids get new technology next year. I’m wondering if it will be a notebook or if they will roll out the new tablets. If textbooks were available, I’m guessing the tablet would be a lock but until then the notebooks might be more practical for the first go-round.

My son had his first baseball practice for the spring season last night. It was a pitching oriented practice and one of the guys working with him was D.J. Carrasco who led the major leagues in relief innings pitched last year while playing for the Chicago White Sox. Pretty cool stuff.

We watched him throw for a bit after practice and the ball moves in crazy directions.

Bundle up.

God is good. He leads me through storms and turmoil and gives me peace. He never fails but is always faithful, always desiring to walk with me and always loves me in unimaginable ways.

Romans 5:8

Grace and peace to you.