Our discussion last night centered around Romans 12 and the call to be a living sacrifice.  It’s something I have had rolling around in my head for some time as I try to better understand what I need to do to be a living sacrifice.  We see examples throughout the Bible – Moses going before Pharoah, Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice the son that God had promised him, Job’s suffering and never-ending dedication to God, Jonah going back to Nineveh…the Messiah coming to earth to be my sacrifice.

As I think about what God wants to see me sacrifice, I can quickly come up with a number of earthly things but the hardest things to start putting to death are thoughts and feelings that do not glorify God.  I am finding that the closer I grow to God and the more time I invest in his word, the more those thoughts and feelings are pushed away but they still haven’t disappeared.  I long for the day when material possessions mean nothing, when all I have is all that I give and my thoughts and attitudes reflect a loving, compassionate, merciful God.

Grace and peace to you.
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