Freezing fog?  That just sounds odd but that’s what the weatherman says some of us will experience this morning. 

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I didn’t watch the Pro Bowl or the Grammys.  No interest whatsoever.  I watched movies with my son and a friend instead. 

Why is it that we sometimes get beat up for trying to do the right thing?  For me, it’s hard to recover from that and causes me to want to distance myself from the situation and the people around it. 

I’ve got some things I want to say this week but working through how to say them.  They might be a bit harsh for some folks and while I care more and more about saying the right thing whether it is comfortable or not, I want to try and say it gracefully.  That doesn’t always work out for me but I’ll still try and let the chips fall where they may. 

That said, I want to be done with playing Christian.  I see few examples in the Bible where people were comfortable Christians.  There were trials, there was pain and there was freedom.  Freedom from hiding behind fear but living boldly because of the king, freedom from being locked down into someone’s view of what a Christian did and said because our perfect example never feared going where he needed to be to save sinners from sin, freedom from hiding their sin trying to look good to others but living in confession and allowing the unmatchable grace of God to flow over them like rain.  I want to live free knowing what that choice will probably lead to in my life.  Freedom has never been free; a price must be paid.  People have died and suffered lingering wounds for freedom.  I can’t expect living in freedom will be easy.  In fact, I know it won’t but I have tasted true freedom and I am preparing for battle so I can continue to live deeper in it.

Grace and peace to you.
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