Grace and peace to you.  I have been finishing my posts with that line for some time now and it means so much to me.  Paul, a good friend of mine even though I never met him, used it in his letters and time after time I read over the words not thinking much about them.  Today I cling to it.  Today I have an appreciation for what God’s grace and peace feel like.  I don’t claim to understand it or know everything about it but I do certainly know more about his grace and peace than at any other time in my life.

Today I can face whatever comes my way if I will hang on to God’s grace and peace in my life.  Today I can forgive completely and love unconditionally if I will hang on to God’s grace and peace in my life.  Today I can say anything, share anything, be authentic about anything because I am reaching for and grabbing on to God’s grace and peace in my life.

If you have never experienced perfect peace in the moment you think nothing can be as bad as what you are going through, I hope you do.  If you have never experienced God’s grace knowing you are cleansed at the moment you acknowledge your burden, your struggle, your failure, I hope you do.  It’s out there waiting for you.  It’s incredible and wonderful and overwhelming.  It comes from a father who loves us in spite of what we do, he forgives us and let’s go of our past failings and always looks ahead to how he can help us be better, stronger, wiser.

Here’s a thought I don’t remember having before but one that gave me shivers when I thought about it.  I have talked about looking forward to the day I worship with God in heaven but what hit me one day…this is a bit crazy…I think God is looking forward to the day he can worship with me in heaven.  He loves me so much that he is excited about the day I show up.  I believe it and I rejoice in his love.

Grace and peace to you.
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